Nedelkou Olga's ShortCV

Olga Nedelkou is a post – graduate student in the Department of Preschool Education in the University of Western Macedonia in Greece. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Preschool Education (2012) from University of Western Macedonia. Her Dissertation Project was about teaching traffic education in kindergarden through ICTs and her Diploma thesis, which is on progress, is about the implementation of Flipped Learning in Physics at the elementary school.

She is also interested in ICTs in education, teaching innovation and digital storytelling.


Bratitsis, T., Nedelkou, O. (2013) Using ICTs for teaching the pedestrian’s proper behavior in Kindergarten: A case study. International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Education - ICICTE 2013 (pp. 121-131), Crete, Greece, 4 – 6 July, 2013

Contact Information

Olga Nedelkou

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