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Digital Storytelling

    Technology Enhanced Learning

    Distance Learning

    Educational Software (design and development)

    Web 2.0 & applications in educational settings

    ICTs in Education

    Educational Robotics

    Innovation in Education

    Interaction Analysis

    Computer Supported Collaborative Learning

    Educational Software (design and implementation)

    Systems' architecture and design

    Network and Internet applications and services



T - story project (2012-2014)
Departmental Coordinator Tharrenos Bratitsis 

Rick's Cafe: Intercultural Education and Internationalization (2010 - 2013), 
Departmental Coordinator Nektaria Palaiologou

SIRIUS: Education of Children and Young People with a Migrant Background(2014-2015)
,Departmental Coordinator Nektaria Palaiologou

IEREST:* Intercultural Education Resources for Erasmus Students and their Teachers (2014-2015), 
Departmental Coordinator Nektaria Palaiologou)