The Laboratory  "Workshop Creativity, Innovation and Technology in Education "  was founded on February 2014.

The purposes of running the Laboratory  "Workshop Creativity, Innovation and Technology in Education " are:
  • The coverage of the undergraduate and graduate level teaching and research needs of the departments of the Faculty of Education and other departments of the University of Western Macedonia.
  • The collaboration with academic institutions, research centers and institutes in Greece as well as abroad with similar objective
  • The organization of seminars, conferences, lectures and generally meetings and events with Greek and foreign specialists so as to undertake various publication
  • The continuing support of the education to students, using appropriately selected and continuously enriched material concerning both scientific articles and teaching material
  • The training to teachers over  modern theories and practices of Didactics of Informatics and modern approaches utilizing ICT in Education.
  • The promotion of interdisciplinarity in teaching various subjects, through ICT, combined with innovative, interdisciplinary approaches which are based on the research fields covered by the workshop.
  • The production of training and other innovative materials profiting from Technology, Creative Writing, Art and other approaches/ tools in Education.
  • The design and the development of educational programs for learning support and social integration of migrant pupils.
  • The Distance learning and support to teachers.
  • The implementation of educational programs that focus on upgrading of technological education and education in general, through interdisciplinary approaches.
  • The establishment of an open line of communication between the members of the Laboratory of the students and teachers to exchange views and experiences and ongoing feedback.
  • The provision of research and education in the public or private sector internationally.
  • The support to the research of the scientific staff of the institution to undergraduate and post graduate students.