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Fotopoulos Nikolaos

Fotopoulos Nikos' s Short CV

Nikos Fotopoulos is a Assistant Professor of sociology in the field of Cultural and Educational Practices at the University of Western Macedonia.  His  basic and doctoral studies were made in Sociology at Panteion University of Political and Social Sciences.

He also holds a master degree at postgraduate level in "Studies in Education” from the Greek Open University. He has participated in a significant number of national and European expert committees and has participated in the planning and implementation of research, educational and cultural courses in the field of lifelong learning, culture and education policy.  He has served as a member on the Board of Experts «European Training Foundation (ETF) - Advisory Forum» on matters related to policy development for Education and Lifelong Learning in Central and Eastern Europe and as a member of National Committee for Lifelong Learning - Ministry of Education. He currently serves as National Representative to the Advisory Group on the European Qualifications Framework in the European Commission for the recognition of learning outcomes «Cluster on recognition of Learning Outcomes» DG EAC, Life Long Learning: Contribution to the Lisbon process.

He is also a National Representative of the social partners in the Consultative Group on the European Qualifications Framework in the EQF Advisory Group and he also works for the implementation of ECVET in Greece as a part of national team of experts. He has published a lot of articles in pedagogical, political and social and journals  both in Greece and abroad.


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Contact Information

Fotopoulos Nikos

tel: 23850-55150

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